Fiskebäck retirement home


Albin has delivered furniture to the retirement home in Fiskebäck. Here you can sit in Mint, Haga armchair and Haga sofa.

Albin has carefully delivered furniture to Fiskebäck retirement home. We have delivered an armchair and sofa from the Haga product family. These products are specially selected to harmonize with the environment and needs of the nursing home, where comfort and thoughtful design play a central role.
The Mint armchair is a comfortable armchair designed with a ribbed back. It is a perfect companion to place by a window as the back does not block out any light, thus combining form and function in a way that promotes both aesthetics and functionality.

Haga low armchair with armrest cover HERE

Mint armchair HERE

Haga low armchair with armrest cover HERE

Haga 3-seater sofa HERE


Haga 3-seater sofa HERE and high armchair with earflaps HERE