• Eidanger Sermonibygg - Chairs that enhance


    Eidanger Sermonibygg - Chairs that enhance

    Eidanger Sermonibygg in Norway chose ANYDAY as their church chair. They also supplemented the chair with coupling fittings. When entering the church, one is immediately struck by the magnificent space and the light that flows through it. The ANYDAY chair matches perfectly with the other materials. The green seat harmoniously contributes to the sense of calm, and a connection to nature. Albin delivered the project in 2023. 

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  • Fiskebäck retirement home


    Albin has delivered furniture to the retirement home in Fiskebäck. Here you can sit in Mint, Haga armchair and Haga sofa.

  • Equmenia church in Floda


    In a scenic area, right next to the river Säve, is the Equmenia Church in Floda. The church was originally intended for another location, but found its rightful place in the well-known and culturally rich area of Garveriet in Floda. Here, sustainability has been the guiding principle in all choices. An open church in the middle of the community with space for socializing in different constellations and where the smell of wood is noticeable.