Haga is a very neat and beautiful lounge suite with a rounded, down-to-earth design that feels welcoming and inviting. The entire frame is covered in hospital-grade waterproof PUL fabric which means that covers made of washable fabrics are always removable. Just loosen the two knobs under the easy chair to quickly remove the entire fabric cover. If you don’t want to wash the entire cover, you can just wash the seat cover. For extra protection of your easy chair, it can be supplied with armrest protectors. If you choose imitation leather however, it is fixed to the chair, since imitation leather can be washed or wiped down in situ. A calico lining is then placed under the cushion to allow air to escape, which prevents the seat cushion from balling up. PUL is a hospital-grade fabric. Grip-friendly armrest also provides good support when getting up from the easy chair.

Art.no: 395 High easy chair

Surface treatment: Waterborne polyurethane lacquer

Optional extras: Armrest protector. Neck cushion. Extra seat cover. Complete additional cover. Loose cushion 40 x 40 cm. Neck rest.

The Haga family includes: Haga high-back easy chair, low-back easy chair, wing chair, footstool, two-seater sofa and three-seater sofa.

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Easy chair high in solid birch

Article number: 395

Formgivare: Kenneth Bergenblad


Width: 75 cm

Height: 110 cm

Depth: 80 cm

Ha: 65 cm

Sh: 46/50 cm

Kenneth Bergenblad

Kenneth Bergenblad is an icon of interior decoration. He started his career at the furniture making school on Gotland for the architectural firm Swebilius. Read more