Kaprifol is a stylish chair where you can choose between two different seat heights: 47 or 49 cm. Opting for removable seat covers transforms the chair into one with a suspended seat, elevating its height to 49 cm. Alternatively, the taller seat options come upholstered in faux leather, albeit with non-removable covers. The chair boasts a contoured stick backrest, mirroring the natural curve of your back, ensuring an inviting and exceptionally comfortable experience when you lean back.

Product numer: 028

Materials: Frame of solid birch.

Surface treatment: Clear water-based lacquer. Solvent-based lacquer with one of our standard colours. 


Upholstered seat, removable fabric seat cover including waterproof PUL fabric lining

Upholstered seat, nailed fabric

Upholstered back, removable fabric 

Extra seat and backrest covers

The Kaprifol family comprises: Chair and armchair.


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Chair in solid birch

Article number: 028

Formgivare: Bo Armstrong


Width: 48 cm

Height: 92 cm

Depth: 57 cm

Sh: 47 cm

Bo Armstrong

Bo Armstrong trained as an architect and is from Gothenburg, Sweden. Bo has worked with industrial design all his working life. He is particularly interested in designing furniture for public rooms, especially in wood. Read more