Our core values


We believe that security is something you build over time and by acting consistently.

At Albin, we have more than a hundred years of experience in furniture manufacturing. A large part of this has been spent developing and delivering furniture primarily for health and care environments, but also other public spaces where high demands are placed on functional, well-thought-out furniture. This has given us a unique experience that allows you to see us as more than just a supplier. We want to be a trusted partner and source of knowledge, someone to rely on and support in all parts of the project.

We follow and want to influence

What can we do to become a better supplier? What can we improve that benefits both people and the environment? In an ever-changing world where needs and requirements are constantly changing, Albin strives to ensure that our customers and users feel confident that we not only follow developments, but also actively contribute to influencing the development of functional and pleasant environments where our furniture is used. This opportunity gives us further impetus and motivates us to continuously invest in new technology and knowledge in both manufacturing and material development.

Long-term partnerships

Another security for you as a customer is that we have long and well-established partnerships with our customer suppliers and designers. They are well involved in our thinking and what values Albin should stand for and deliver.


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Function can be expressed and concretized in many ways. Perhaps this is where the word quality is really determined. At Albin, we have always put function at the center and this is where our concern and sensitivity for care recipients, caregivers and other users of our furniture is translated into practical details to function, facilitate and make a difference. What is a barely visible detail to the eye can be what matters most in the long run.

Design based on knowledge
When developing a new piece of furniture and furniture family, we have a teamwork where several different areas of knowledge interact. The process usually begins with an expressed need or an idea, a desire to improve something based on our own experience or at the request of our customers. This could be table tops that require extra durable finishes, chairs that need to be easy to move, stack and connect, or upholstery that can be easily removed and washed. Early in the design process, we strive to integrate and consider these needs, while preserving aesthetic values. Our ambition is to always combine functionality with an appealing and timeless form.

The variety of requirements, especially in healthcare environments, means that in most cases we think from the outset that a piece of furniture should be part of a complete furniture family that we gradually develop. The furniture should be able to function as a solitary piece, but also blend into a formal whole that suits different rooms and needs within the same business, all in order to offer more options while maintaining a uniform design.

How does the furniture feel in 10 years?
We love making new furniture, but we are equally excited when we see our Albin furniture looking good after many years of use. We have many examples where our furniture is still there and working well after 10, sometimes 20 and even 30 years of use. Because we try to be timeless in our design, we have kept many of our furniture families in our range for a long time, which makes it possible to supplement existing furniture with new ones if the need arises.


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Caring is about genuinely caring for each other and showing respect. For us at Albin, this means that we get involved and put ourselves in the context where our furniture is used. We want to take an active part in the needs of both you as a care recipient and those who come into contact with our furniture through your work. The more we know, the better we can meet the requirements and wishes that exist. For us, care is also about thinking holistically, being able to contribute to creating beautiful environments and rooms where people feel comfortable and want to spend time.

In the place where life happens

We are convinced that a close relationship with our users is both visible and tangible in our furniture. A relationship that allows us to take part in the environments where real life happens. We want a piece of furniture designed with care as a basic idea to make our care recipients feel safe, more capable and important. We thus take our responsibility as a manufacturer and supplier a little further than just seeing the armchair as a seat. How does the chair feel? Does it feel welcoming to sit in? How comfortable is it after a long period of sitting? Care also includes tactile qualities, that is, how the arm rests on the armrest, how hands meet edges, corners and ends. When we know and understand, it inspires us to continually create even better furniture.

Long-term partnerships
Another security for you as a customer is that we have long and well-established partnerships with our customer suppliers and designers. They are well involved in our thinking and what values Albin should stand for and deliver.


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