Core values


Our furniture is developed, manufactured and used by people. That is why people have always been our focus when we design our furniture. Our aim is to combine the beautiful and the functional with sustainability. When we do business, it’s between people – not between anonymous corporations. We want a close relationship with the people who purchase and use our furniture.

Albin i Hyssna has always been associated with quality. Which means in fact that all 25 of our employees work with quality. Quality for us includes how a piece of furniture is designed to suit its context – functionally as well as aesthetically. Quality also guides our choice of materials and how we manufacture our furniture. We think quality right down to the details level. We know that if we do things right there, we can even include offering the restoration of furniture purchased from us. It’s one way of expanding our sustainability efforts. Quality from Albin i Hyssna also means that we stick to our delivery times, and go the extra mile to make your whole experience as positive as possible.

Providing something to sit on is not enough. We want to add more value to your lives with our furniture. It’s why we devote much of our development work to finding functional solutions and accessories for maximum comfort, adapted to people’s different needs and situations. The knowledge we have acquired through producing and supplying furniture to public rooms over such a long period of time means that we know what works and what doesn’t. As our customer, you should always be able to feel confident that you are in safe hands when you engage us.

At Albin i Hyssna, we have the greatest respect for the environment and for people. We feel a sense of responsibility for coming generations. That’s why we make furniture in a way that promotes ecologically sustainable development. So we want to see our furniture having the longest life it can. Having our own production in Hyssna, many years of experience, and working closely with our clients mean that we are more than happy to receive furniture we have supplied in the past that needs restoration in one way or another after a number of years of service.